Rosy Petri is a multidisciplinary artist from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Her passion for social justice, art, and storytelling has allowed her to travel the country for various projects. From these adventures, she pieces together written and auditory narratives as well as visual art to create shared experiences of bearing witness to humans being. In the last few years, Rosy has lived in some interesting places, including a farm in Dodge County, a Catholic Worker Hospitality House on the south side of Chicago, and a Franciscan friary and interfaith arts center in Detroit.

About her artwork, she states:

I am a mother, artist, and multimedia storyteller from Milwaukee, WI. As a woman of color making art, creating work is one of the few areas in life where I am able to freely name, embrace, and honor my own identity. Using photographs, mixed media, textiles and storytelling, I hope to contribute to the creation of long-term social equality and a truly free society. I am proud of my diverse background, as well as the gifts and traits passed down to me though traditional and non-traditional avenues. Walking a blurred line between sacred and profane, beauty and utilitarianism, warrior and lover —I’ve come to know it as balancing my Malcolm out with a little bit of Martin. I create work that conveys and celebrates the complex nature of human life and relationships while further exploring my own personal spiritual journey and commitment to community. I stand in solidarity as and with the oppressed people of the world and hope to use my work as a respectful way of sharing valuable stories and lessons brought to the table.

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