Julie Terwelp

SnapHappy Creative

Guest Artist at Cream City Clay


Julie Terwelp received a BFA in graphic design along with a strong minor in surface design from East Carolina. As time went on, she spent all her time creating on a computer. She began to feel more like a computer coder than an artist. So after three decades, she stood up and stepped away from the computer screen. And returned to her traditional art roots by exploring illustration and pottery. Julie's art is good for your soul. It radiates carefree energy. Each hand-built piece expresses joy through color, pattern and texture. She explores the physical manipulation of clay by altering it into a variety of shapes and forms. Carved illustrations dance across the clay. And patterned ornamentations reveal a passion for surface design. The result is an invitation for the viewer to join in the pursuit of happiness.

SnapHappy_foxplatter - Julie Terwelp.jpg