What is the MKE Fine Craft Studio Tour?

Our Mission

The MKE Fine Craft Studio Tour strives to connect Fine Craft Artists from Milwaukee and beyond to their surrounding neighborhoods.   The purpose is to give the public a view into their studios and to promote Fine Craft fields and emerging and established artists.

The MKE fine craft studio tour is sponsored by Wisconsin Designer Craft Council (WDCC ) whose mission as a statewide organization is dedicated to fostering excellence in fine crafts and making them more significant in the cultural life of Wisconsin.

WDCC works to elevate the standards of design and craftsmanship among Wisconsin’s artisans and the crafts community. WDCC encourages individual expression, vitality and aesthetic growth opportunities for fellowship, acquisition of skills, and competitive exhibitions.


How we got started


In 2018, Jean Wells and Andrew Linderman started discussing the possibility of an urban studio tour. As the thought continued to percolate in their heads, they started to bring in others to help, including the Wisconsin Designer Crafts Council. In the fall of 2018, a number of other WDCC members were brought in to form the Studio Tour Committee.


The MKE Fine Craft Studio Tour Committee

Committee Chairperson: Andrew Linderman

WDCC Board Liaison: Jean Wells

Website Chair: Stephanie Bartz

Social Media Chair: Jen Loberg

Communication Chairs: Shannon Knaap, Colleen Volland, & Diane Evans

Treasurer: Joan Weber Kennedy

Design Team: BNS Design, Rebekah Nicholas