2019 MKE Fine Craft Studio Tour Applications are now being accepted on a rolling/continual basis.

Please have the application requirements ready before starting the application. Feel free to email Andrew Linderman, alindermanpottery@gmail.com, about any questions you may have.

Application Requirements:

  • WDCC Membership, link HERE. ($40/year)

  • 3 high-quality (300 dpi) images of your work.

  • 1 high-quality (300 dpi) “headshot”. This should be informal and friendly.

  • 1 high-quality (300 dpi) process shot. This can be a close-up of your work in progress or a studio shot that may or may not include you.

  • An artist bio/statement that is one paragraph.

  • A facebook page and instagram account (we will be heavily utilizing social media for advertising)

  • Host artists must host at least one other “guest” artist.

  • Host artists will be asked to provide a diagram or description of how they plan on arranging their studio to accommodate their work and the guest artists’ work. Guest artists can be located indoors or outdoors. Envision the equivalent of a 10’ x 10’ booth for each artist (show booths outdoors would certainly be acceptable).

Other show information

  • The MKE Fine Craft Studio Tour will be a “curated” event. The committee and the WDCC would like to give as many studios in Milwaukee County to participate as possible without sacrificing the quality of work. Spaces will be limited by the number of host artists/studios accepted into the tour.

  • pre-arranging “host” and “guest” artist pairings is not necessary.

  • Hosts will be notified for guest artist approval on a continuing basis.

  • Host Artists will be accepted on a continual basis after the committee has approved their location and work. Guest artists will be notified of acceptance and host/guest locations on April 20th.

  • a $150 “booth fee” will be due by May 14th to confirm your participation in the MKE Fine Craft Studio Tour.

Liability Insurance

  • All Host artists/studios should have liability insurance in place.

  • All guest artists should also have liability insurance. A host artist’s liability typically will not cover the guest artists.

  • You can obtain annual insurance (~$265) or date/show specific (~$39) insurance for reasonable rates from ACT Insurance.