Heather Eiden

Craft Me Calm

Host artist at Good Hope Island


From Heather:

When I was in first grade, I told a friend that I hoped to become a veterinarian and I did not want to starve to death as an artist. I am a contemporary folk artist. Travels to Bali, India, Suriname and other locales in Europe with vibrant traditions of folk art enrich the visual language.

I’m inspired by the way children gaze upon the world with curiosity. My work uses clay as a medium of exploration. In my ideal working environment, ideas flow from one to the next like a child at play.

23 years ago, I took an architectural tiles class at Anderson Ranch in Colorado. There was a team of teachers during my training including Peter Volkos. They showed us how to deconstruct tradition ceramic forms into fine art. I have been making art tiles ever since.

As a yoga teachers working in clay my process is a meditation. Tiles are versatile like a blank canvas. I carve, stamp, model and sketch into the clay to create narratives of everyday life. I am interested in clay as an ancient material for communicating ideas that have been used for practical purposes in all cultures.

My ceramic surface designs are inspired by the natural world, organic shapes and the way living things germinate and grow. The garden and river in our back yard are a continuous source of visual stimulation. This is where I take surface design walks to gain new visual information for clay and drawing.