Liz Lewandowski

Guest artist at Cream City Clay


Liz Lewandowski is an illustrator by trade but has found a special love for ceramics and is currently producing work in Milwaukee. She graduated with a Bachelor of Arts from Concordia University with classes supplemented from MIAD. Liz is all about the story telling when it comes to her pieces. She finds inspiration mostly from mythology from around the world and classic literature.

Liz produces both functional and non-functional work, which also incudes sculpture. Most of her functional work is either decorated by painting detailed images in underglaze or by a process known as sgraffito, which is the process of carving in the clay to reveal an image. Her non-functional work consists mostly of handcrafted tiles, platters, and sculptures that are either carved in black and white or Raku fired.

Liz is always trying to expand her knowledge in the ceramic field in order to take her work to the next level. In doing so she has had the opportunity to work with Jeff Shawhan, who is the ceramics professor at Concordia Univiersity and a Raku artist. She also teaches at Cream City Clay in Milwaukee, WI.