Dale and Kathy Eggert

Host artists at Eggert Glass Art


Dale and Kathy Eggert have been making glass art and sharing a studio space for over three decades.

Dale designs and produces distinctive, contemporary sculptures, furniture and accessories by sandblast carving and painting on half-inch or thicker plate glass panels. He then uses metallic paints and metal foils to color the etched areas, combining the glass with welded steel forms to create an object of beauty and function.

Layers of powdered glass enamel are applied to Kathy's sandblast carved glass in multiple kiln firings to create enameled glass tiles with luminous color of great depth. The tiles are then mounted on wood panel for hanging. Her current body of work is inspired by the 19th century ornithological illustrations as well as the fragility of the environment and the plight of all life forms as climate change alters habitat and food sources.

WhoopingCraneNZ - Kathleen Eggert.jpg
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